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Book 2 in the Love and Fate Series

This book of mine first appeared as a part of THE ROAD TO LIBERATION, a collection of six riveting stories from the USA Today, international, and bestselling and award-winning authors.
The second book in the Love and Fate series, a sequel to How Dare the Birds Sing but can be read as a standalone, it is related to the underground movement in the occupied Soviet Byelorussia during WWII.
The novel starts out with detailing the lives of two women, leading entirely different lives in different cities. One of them is trained as a spy and killer, destined to lead a double life in service of the Soviet Union, while the other woman takes a different path, but one which, by coincidence more than a plan, also winds her up in the same spider’s net. Their paths eventually cross in the most unlikely, and in fact, shocking manner, and when they do, this story unexpectedly ramps up into a thrilling intrigue.


A First Place Winner of the 2021 Hemingway Book Awards novel competition for 20th Century Wartime Fiction! The Hemingway Book Awards is a division of the Chanticleer International Book Awards (The CIBAs).
Literary Titan - Silver medal
The wishing Shelf Book Award 2020 - Finalist

FROM some READERS’ Amazon reviews:

“So compelling, so heartbreaking at times... it felt so real, I experienced every emotion with every single character as I read... another absolutely outstanding novel!”—Ellie Midwood, a USA Today bestselling and award-winning historical fiction author

“The story left me practically gasping for breath! So powerful, so heart wrenching. The author took me to places I have never been and dropped me there. I feel like I lived it with her characters. I was angry, scared, mistrustful, exhilarated, discouraged. This story left me emotionally drained, yet hungry for more.”—David Samaras, author of A Man with a Stick against A Man with A Rock and The Journey and the Face in the Mirror

“We need more books like this, books that remind future generations to preserve unalloyed freedom and to ensure that tyrannical people and their divisive attempts to trade that freedom for something else, never sees the light of day again. This story will keep you transfixed, to the end, because you only really find out what happens in the final pages. A great read. —International Writers Inspiring Change

“This is a well written reminder of how the madness of dictators can destroy the world. I would happily read another book by this author. This thoroughly researched novel is a compelling read written by an author who knows how to balance historical description with fast-paced intrigue.”—The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. Readers comments

“With heart and guts Osipova weaves a narrative that brings war front and center in a gripping read. Written about a war that ended 75 years ago, a horrific dark time in history, its message is as present today as back then with fascist leaders pervading geographies. For its power to help us remember and the vital need to wake up the asleep masses, this is a must read.”—Luv2Read

“The author's research and knowledge of the region is evident from the beginning. Soviet partisans are forced to play a double game in order to find out who of their own are collaborating with the Germans. While this is a common thread in all areas of Nazi-occupied countries, it was something new for me to read about what took place in Byelorussia. It is a page turner as danger lurks every minute of the day - from both the Germans and the Soviets. I loved the twists and turns this story took and the way the author portrayed the human side of both sides.”—Kathryn Gauci

“A must for any historical fiction fan. What a fabulous follow-up to ‘How Dare the Birds Sing’! Osipova has once again brought the Soviet's side of WW2 to life with true grit and an insight that I respect and appreciate. As I did with Khaled Hosseini's "The Kite Runner", I got completely immersed in a culture and world I thought I might know something about only to realize how very little I knew. Osipova is a master at storytelling, evoking all the senses. The characters are as fresh and three-dimensional as you can get. They linger with you long after putting the book down.”—Amazon Customer

“As with all of Marina Osipova’s books, this one was an outstanding novel! You’ll feel yourself immersed first into a Soviet way of life and later - witness firsthand the lengths the Soviet people (and namely partisans) had to go to in order to fight off the fascist invaders. All characters are wonderfully real - the occupants, the collaborators, and the humble heroes who are ready to give their lives for the Motherland. But will the Motherland acknowledge such sacrifices or will it discard them later as soon as they’re not needed anymore? If you love original and well-written historical fiction, this novel should definitely be on your to-read list.”— Amazon Customer VINE VOICE

“Historical narratives reveal that Hitler and Stalin were monsters, but fiction adds a human element to the historical facts and in this story that human element brings the past to life. A wonderful book and a great achievement by the author.”— Fifty Sheds of Books

“Covering the atrocities under the orders of German occupiers and Stalin’s ruthless police, the book is in part ruthless but is also a story of love and relationships. The author captures very well the climate of fear of betrayal and the tensions brought on by working undercover. It has an ineffable charm and a page-turning quality. Well written and plotted. Excellent premise.”—LBD

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