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Book 1 in the Love and Fate Series

Are Lyuba and Günter star-crossed lovers? When they first meet in 1933 Soviet Russia, their young love is filled with hope and naiveté until Günter disappears. Her fleeting relationship with him has devastating consequences, forcing her to take a humiliating way out to save herself and her family. This choice unleashes a sequence of fatal events that shatter her life, affecting everyone involved.
In June 1941, World War II comes to Russian soil, hurling Lyuba, along with millions of others, into the inhuman grinder, testing the limits of her strength and resilience of her heart. Will it be strong enough years later to allow her to reveal the ugly secret she has buried from the only person the war has left for her to love?


Reader's Favorite Medal - 5 Stars
2019 IAN Book of the Year Award IAN:
“Outstanding Women’s Fiction” category winner
Finalist in two categories: “Historical,” and “Women’s Fiction”
Literary Titan - Gold medal
2019 Wishing Shelf Book Awards - Silver medal
FINALIST in the 2019 GOETHE Book Awards for post-1750s Historical Fiction, a division of the Chanticleer International Book Awards (CIBAs)
Discovered Diamond and shortlisted for the book of the month (Review blog Discovering Diamonds)

FROM some READERS’ Amazon reviews:

“A tale of epic proportions, How Dare the Birds Sing starts with a beautiful and unlikely love story and eventually turns into a devastating tale of war and hope lost. Meticulously researched and masterfully presented, this novel will captivate you from the start and will keep you on the edge of your seat with its wonderful prose and unforgettable characters. The brutal conditions of the war, the sacrifice of the brave worriers and partisans, history itself comes alive in this emotional, gut-wrenching story. A truly fascinating tale!”—Ellie Midwood, USA Today bestselling and award-winning historical fiction author

“Wow, what a story—such sadness and suffering, yet courage and spirit too, even if it ends tragically. Beautifully-written of course and very evocative.”—Sophie Masson, the internationally acclaimed author of more than 60 books who in 2019 was awarded an Order of Australia for significant service to literature

“The war on the Eastern Front of WWII was brutal, ugly, terrifying, heartbreaking. This book brings it all to light. Marina Osipova has a way of putting the reader there, experiencing the sights, the emotions, the savagery, the hope, and the disappointment. You will not be an observer. You will be a participant. This book will leave you breathless. WWII historical fiction at its absolute best.”—David Samaras, author of A Man with a Stick against A Man with A Rock and The Journey and the Face in the Mirror

“A powerful story of love and loss . . . Not only is it well written and steeped in historical accuracy, it is also gripping . . . I think this story will appeal to people who like historical fiction, especially in relation to World War II and Russia. Readers who enjoy stories about strength and resilience after suffering insurmountable obstacles and loss will also love this novel.”—Julie Petitbon for OnlineBookClub

“A superbly plotted love story and a harrowing portrayal of war. This novel is vividly written and packed full of the most unforgettable characters . . . Anybody looking for well-written and well-researched military fiction need look no further. This is a gem of a book. Anybody interested in WW2 will find this intriguing.”—The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

“This novel is a discovered diamond . . . Love, loss, tragedy, pathos; it's all there, with plenty of action added to the mix. I was enthralled throughout. An excellent book and the author will go on my TBR list.”—reviewed for Discovering Diamonds, Independent Reviews of the Best in Historical Fiction

“What a heartbreakingly beautiful and tragic story, that’s going to linger with me a while. Turning the last pages, I literally had tears running down my cheeks . . . Not an easy read, but definitely worth it. I’m glad I picked this to read.”—ReadsInTheGarden

“The author takes you on a unforgettable journey that will keep your interest throughout the book. A story so poetically expressed that it pulls you in from the moment you start to read and grabs your emotions until you read the very last word.”—Eunice Blecker

“I am so enamored by this author's brilliant portrayal of war on the eastern front. Within the hard seed of heartbreaking suffering lies courage, faith, resilience, and what makes up the best of the human condition. Bold and defiant, nothing is held back, and it is in the integrity of this author's writing that the book is hard to stop reading. It takes a great talent to turn something as dark as devastating war into a light that shines on what is possible in the worst of conditions. A compelling, excellent read.”— Luv2read

“A beautiful story with so many twists and turns! I was amazed at all the angles this story took. I loved the main character and was heartbroken that she went through so much pain, sorrow and hardship. The author is so good at bringing each character alive and into perfect focus of their personality. An excellent book!! It brings in so many aspects of the war. I loved it!! Sweet love, despising hatred, resigned living in sorrow, pain of loss, hardships, abuse, the Partisans, the camps, Red Army, Nazis, starvation and freezing cold and heartbreak upon heartbreak, as well as forgiveness and freedom, kindness and sacrificial love. So much in this one book! Beautifully done!!”—pamarella

“With each book I read, I’m becoming more and more in love with this author’s stories. A heart wrenching, emotional ride that will make you not want to put the book down. I would say this is a story of strength, survival and living life the best you can with the cards you’ve been dealt with. Wonderfully written, exceptional character development and a story that will stay with you long after you finish reading the book. I highly recommend this book, and this author!”—Maya Daniels

“Hated for it to end. Look forward to her next one. Great read, enjoyed the history, could not put it down.”—Jan

“The story felt true and honest, and the historical details well-researched . . . The author's writing was truly captivating. I wasn't just reading the pages - I was seeing Lyuba and the world around her as the author painted the picture in words. I found myself staying up late into the night unable to put the book down. This book is a treasure, and I highly recommend it for those who enjoy WWII historical fiction and would like to read about a unique perspective from the Soviet Union.”—Rachel

“A page turner from start to finish. I am a great fan of Marina Osipova's writing. She has a way of writing WWII stories which are both harrowing and yet poignant. How Dare The Birds Sing is certainly one such book . . . Osipova really brings home the brutality of war and life under Nazi rule in the Soviet Union. Her research is impeccable. I always like to learn something when I read a WWII book, and I certainly did here. The story is heart-wrenching and emotional, and the characters complex and multi-layered, in particular, Lyuba, a woman who endured so much and was incredibly resilient. She will haunt you for a very long time. Highly recommended.”—Kathryn Gauci

“Beautiful, emotional, heart-wrenching, and I can go on. Osipova is an important voice for historical fiction revealing the Russian side of war history. Far from the clichés of Hollywood's interpretations of Russia in WW2, How Dare the Birds Sing will give you an authentic and in-depth look at a culture that tends to baffle westerners.”—Amazon customer

“This is a powerful and stirring book dealing with a dark time in history, WW2. Stunning characters and a setting so real a person could step into it, this book is definitely one that warrants two boxes of Kleenex. Gripping, thrilling and a book a person can't put down.”—Flower lady

“For this American reader, the book was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge of World War II—specifically what it was like in Russia for the citizens not on the front lines . . . The writing is excellent, and the author provides plenty of details to make it all seem real. I regret that being realistic results in some sadness, but I wouldn't want the author to have handled it any other way. I think the title is perfect.”—Picky, Opinionated Reader

“Oh my heart! I recently read Osipova's first novel, The Cruel Romance, and I absolutely loved it! The most startling thing about that statement is, I usually don't like war-themed novels. But, Osipova's writing is incredible!!! I laughed, I cried, I ached, I yearned and I couldn't stop reading. How Dare the Birds Sing grabbed me the same way! I was so completely engrossed! I seriously felt like I was Lyuba! The detail is such that it is impossible not to feel the emotions, bleed for the characters. Osipova has become one of my favorite authors and I highly, highly recommend her two novels!!”—Author Elizabeth Eckert

“Poignant and well written story! This is a new author for me and one I plan to check out further. An ultimately sad but beautifully written story set in the thirties / forties, in Russia and Germany. A story of love and tragedy in turbulent times, which also gives a wonderful insight to everyday life in those times. A quick look at the author's bio, revealed she has lived in Russia and Germany, which is no doubt why she has been able to create such an authentic story. There is a wonderful mixed bag of characters, which are brought to life with vivid descriptions but also fine details, which made me able to relate to them, despite the very different times in which we live. Highly recommended but have a tissue to hand.”—Bill

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